Service Contract Clients

Alan Huang | nanoString Technologies

"ReachBio is an extremely flexible partner who helps us design and execute research in a timely fashion. Most importantly, their goal is to help us achieve success and generate meaningful results by working with us on experimental design, not just protocol execution.  Furthermore, their PBMC, BMMC, and CD-marker specific lymphocytes are some of the highest quality blood samples I have ever worked with."


Hester van der Woude | Synthon

"For me ReachBio has been a very reliable partner, standing for scientific expertise and quick service and all that in a very pleasant working atmosphere! Their flexibility in designing fit-for-purpose studies is impressive.  They have really helped us moving forward by sharing their experience and insights.  I can highly recommend ReachBio, especially if you are looking for a research-minded CRO."

Lab Notebook

Confidential Client

Wow, this dataset is quite impressive (textbook quality!) Thanks for running such a clean experiment.


Confidential Referral

ReachBio was recommended to me by a colleague from the Boston area who's worked at several cell therapy startups. They've used your CRO services in the past and spoke highly of your capabilities.



Timothy O'Toole | University of Louisville

"I am highly pleased with ColonyGEL 1202 (Human Complete Medium).  Easy to use and much less background than similar products I have used. A big thumbs up."


Dr. Jarrett Whelan | East Carolina University

"The number of colonies derived from the murine BM in the ColonyGEL 1202 (Human Complete Medium) were the same, if not slightly greater than those in the media from a leading competitor.  Both contained the same types of colonies.  However, the colonies in the ColonyGEL were easier to enumerate as they appeared to be more well defined."