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Jan 31 2017

ReachBio Research Labs Launches a New Drug Development Platform, cellPrism®

SEATTLE, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ReachBio Research Labs (trade name under Reachbio LLC®) has announced the launch of their new drug development platform, cellPrism®. The platform is designed to offer biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies a spectrum of customized in vitro assays to assess and evaluate potential program challenges that may arise during the drug development process.

The cellPrism® platform currently focuses on nine different toxicology and immunology related program challenges. For each challenge there are cells of interest, from a variety of species, which can be tested using assay formats with multiple read-outs. These assay formats are designed to evaluate drug efficacy or toxicity in blood and bone marrow diseases.

The toxicology program challenges include neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia and lymphopenia. While the immunology program challenges focus on immuno-oncology, cytokine storm, antibody testing, target validation and immuno-phenotyping.

All of the cellPrism® assays use optimally sourced and processed primary cells from humans, NHPs, dogs, rats and mice. ReachBio uses primary blood and bone marrow cells to generate data that is more predictive of clinical outcome and hence supports better decision making for our clients.

According to Dr. Emer Clarke, Chief Scientific Officer for ReachBio Research Labs, "This platform offers clients a broad spectrum of customizable assays to better address their unique program challenges. Additionally, we apply the most clinically relevant assays available at each stage of the client's program challenge, and that can range from early drug development (e.g. target validation) to, and through, data generation for IND submission."

Rob Chaney, General Manager and COO, adds, "We've recognized for quite a while, whether through a client experience on our website or directly one-on-one, the need to improve how we approach clients as we expand our services. Integrating these assays, and how we go about addressing clients' unique drug development challenges, is something that cellPrism® can tackle more effectively. Our cellPrism® 'snapshot of services' as viewed on our website and marketing materials, provides clients with a 'visual experience' that is much easier to follow and comprehend. Once clients see the platform, they connect the dots pretty quickly in terms of what we can offer and how this addresses their drug development challenge."

About ReachBio Research Labs:
ReachBio Research Labs is a CRO life sciences organization based in Seattle, WA. It provides customized contract assays, contract research, educational and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research organizations worldwide. The company's focus is on the clinical, industrial and research uses of primary cell biology – in particular the use of stem cell and progenitor cell assays and model systems for high value applications such as drug screening and drug discovery.

For more information please contact:
Alix Davis, Marketing Coordinator
ReachBio Research Labs
421 W. Riverside Avenue, Ste 1005
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 509-309-8453
Email: alix.davis@reachbio.com