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Feb 15 2014

Hemotoxicity Testing Services - Are you Eligible for Multi-Assay Discounts?

Our in vitro hemotoxicity testing services can provide valuable predictive information regarding compound-induced hemotoxicity on specific lineages: myeloid (CFU-GM assays), erythroid (BFU-E assays) or megakaryocytic (CFU-Mk assays). If you have a concern about a specific lineage or a specific type of hemotoxicity (e.g., neutropenia, anemia or thrombocytopenia), we have the appropriate predictive in vitro assay. However, if multi-lineage hemotoxicity is a potential concern, ordering multiple assays at the same time can be more cost effective than asking us to run the assays at different times under different work orders.


Multi-assay discounts may be available when you order more than one in vitro predictive hemotoxicity assay under the same Work Order. Certain discounts are available for different types of assays using the same cells or for similar assays using cells from multiple species.


Colonies derived from myeloid and erythroid progenitors are usually read-out in the same dish in standard CFC assays performed in "complete" methylcellulose-based media. So even if a client is mainly interested in just one or the other of these lineages, we provide data on both lineages all for the same price. However, evaluation of compound effects on the megakaryocytic lineage requires a different type of assay: the CFU-Mk assay performed in collagen-based media. Setting up methylcellulose-based and collagen-based assays at the same time is more cost-effective than setting them up at separate times for a variety of reasons. For one thing, often the same tube(s) of cryopreserved human bone marrow cells can be used for both assays, decreasing the overall cost of the combined assays compared to assays done at different times (that would require additional tubes of bone marrow cells to be used). Also, the time involved in setting up the two assays at the same time is less than setting them up separately, as many of the steps are identical.

The same thing goes for setting up assays to test the effects on both human and mouse cells (or cells from other species). It's more cost effective to set up and run the assays on cell samples from multiple species in parallel at the same time than to set them up at different times.

So if you think you'll eventually be interested in hemotoxicity information on multiple lineages and/or multiple species, consider ordering the assays at the same time under the same order and ask us if your order is eligible for multi-assay savings.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your hemotoxicity testing needs with one of our scientists.