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Apr 25 2019

Applied Pharmaceutical Toxicology 2019

Once again, ReachBio is excited to announce our continued sponsorship for the annual Applied Pharmaceutical Toxicology (APT) Conference  in South San Francisco, California. This year's event will take place at the Genentech campus from May 14th - 16th

apt 2019

We welcome you to look for our banners where you can stop by and learn about cellPrism®, our in-vitro drug development platform. We will also have copies of two of our newly published white papers discussing Off-Target Toxicity & Linker Stability for antibody drug conjugates, and A Platform for Screening Drugs to Treat Sickle Cell Disease and Other Hemoglobinopathies. The topic of these two white papers start to explore the breadth of our lab's capabilities.

cellPrism Drug Development Platform trademark logo

Meet with our CSO, Dr. Emer Clarke to hear more about what we can do for your lab!

Emer Clarke, PhD, Co-Founder & CSO

APT 2019
Date: May 14-16, 2019
Location: South San Francisco, Genentech Campus

We look forward to meeting with many of the collaborators we have worked with in the past and to introduce our CSO to new contacts and researchers. The annual APT meeting is one ReachBio is proud to sponsor as the speakers and sessions are recent, relevant, and rewarding. We are able to keep a pulse on the groundbreaking work being conducted across the globe as well as place faces with names of colleagues who we converse with on teleconferences and emails. Please feel free to introduce yourself to Emer and Heather at the ReachBio booth while taking in rotating poster sessions. Once again, ReachBio is sponsoring the happy hour social event with drinks and light appetizers in the conference room where sponsors have their booths and where participants display their poster abstracts.

The South San Francisco campus serves as Genentech's headquarters as well as the headquarters for Roche's pharmaceutical operations in the United States. This annual event is well organized by the Boston Society, a non-profit organization that brings the best scientific ideas to industrial practice through focused conferences.