Mesenchymal Stromal Cells


Pre-Qualified Mesenchymal Cells

Features & Benefits of Our MSCs

Mesenchymal cells (also known as stromal cells or non-hematopoietic cells) are a component of the bone marrow microenvironment. Although they function to support and regulate hematopoietic cell development, it is their capacity to differentiate into multiple lineages including bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon and fat, that has caused renewed interest in these cells by stem cell biologists and researchers within the regenerative medicine and tissue engineering fields. 

Each batch of ReachBio’s pre-qualified mesenchymal (stromal) cells are derived from normal human bone marrow and have the following characteristics:

  • Derived from normal human marrow
  • Multiple replicate vials derived from single donors
  • Minimally culture expanded in optimized media formulation
  • Phenotypically characterized by flow cytometry
  • Known plating efficiencies
  • Batch-specific protocols provided
  • Functional differentiation potential - tested and verified
  • Optimized culture and differentiation media available


Research & Development Applications

ReachBio offers superior pre-qualified human mesenchymal cells for research & development applications*
  • Drug Screening
  • Regenerative Medicine Research
  • Tissue Engineering Research
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Research
  • Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Research
  • Immunomodulation Studies
  • Adipogenic Studies
*Intended Use

The intended use of these products is for in vitro research purposes only.

These products are not intended for human or veterinary use in vivo. 

These products are not to be used for any diagnostic, therapeutic or clinical applications whatsoever.

Not for therapeutic use or injection into humans for any purpose.