Combined in vivo and in vitro assays for evaluating mobilization

Provided by ReachBio

Hematopoietic stem cell mobilizers are agents that cause hematopoietic stem cells to leave their resident niches within the bone marrow and transiently move (or “mobilize”) into the blood stream. The kinetics of mobilization can vary greatly, depending upon the mobilizing agent and the dose. Other cell types may also be mobilized into the blood stream by the mobilizing agent. There can also be species-dependent differences in responses to the mobilizing agent which can be assessed at ReachBio Research Labs.

ReachBio Research Labs has worked with clients with both small and large molecule mobilizers in both rodent and NHP models. We have also analyzed mobilization efficacy from human patient samples. We can provide the in vivo dosing component for rodent (mouse) models, or receive mobilized rodent, NHP or human blood samples from the client or their third party in vivo service provider.

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Typical Services for Assessing Stem Cell Mobilizing Agents Include: