Pre-Clinical & Clinical Samples


Sample Collection + Analysis

Our laboratory scientists are here to lend expertise in cell-based assays to support ongoing pre-clinical and clinical trials. We can accept samples from single institutions or multiple centers for analysis. We readily accept peripheral blood, bone marrow and mobilized peripheral blood from multiple species (including NHP) to support preclinical studies. We have evaluated cord blood, peripheral blood, mobilized peripheral blood and bone marrow samples in ongoing clinical trials.

We understand the precious value of these samples and deal with each of them with the utmost care to ensure they will generate high quality informative data.


Services Provided

  • Cell counts
  • Cell processing and cell isolation
  • Immune monitoring (flow cytometric analysis of specific cell populations)
  • Target Validation
  • Quantification of progenitor content in cord blood, bone marrow and mobilized blood samples (CFC assays)
  • Quantification of cancer stem cells and/or leukemic colony-forming cells in diseased samples
  • Genetic analysis of primary and secondary leukemic colonies or other samples
  • Other cell biology assays upon request

Please CONTACT US to discuss your project’s requirements with one of our scientists.