Stand-Alone or Add-On Molecular Biology Services

Provided by ReachBio


Molecular biology gives a deep understanding of the molecular components of the cell, namely DNA, RNA and proteins. Our molecular biology experts work one-on-one with clients to determine a molecular approach that will help address questions from their program. For this reason, we design our molecular experiments based on client requirements, with common applications including isolating nucleic acids from blood and bone marrow and gene expression analysis on colonies from our primary
cell-based assay. Our molecular biology services are performed stand-alone or are paired with any of our in vitro, primary cell biology assays; the most popular being the myeloid, erythroid, and megakaryocyte assays.

We offer a range of services to accommodate both simple and complex requests. Don’t hesitate to inquire about how our molecular services can aid in moving your program forward.

Examples of Molecular Biology Services we offer, but are not limited to:


Nucleic Acid
Isolation from (frozen or fresh) whole blood, and bone marrow
Isolation from any of our in vitro assays

Gene Expression

Miscellaneous Services
Collect cells pellets or lysates from primary cell-based assays