Immune Profiling & Flow Cytometry Services


Biotherapeutics development often requires a deep understanding of their effects on the entire immune cell system. Our expertise includes flow cytometry profiling of cell surface markers and intracellular staining to look at master regulatory proteins. In addition to looking at T cells, B cells and NK cells, we can also examine helper T cell subsets (Th0, Th1, Th2, Th17 and Tregs) by both surface staining and intracellular staining.

Our experience also includes studying intracellular cytokine production in Th subsets by flow cytometry as well as quantitative measurements of secreted cytokines in primary cell cultures by ELISA or Luminex™.

Flow Cytometry Services Include

Flow Cytometry
  • Cell surface phenotyping based on surface marker staining
  • Intracellular flow cytometry for intracellular cytokine, phosphoprotein or nuclear factor analysis
  • We can perform up to 16 color flow cytometry
Cell Sorting
  • Our cell sorting capabilities include 8 color gating combined with 4 channel sorting
Molecular Readouts
  • Gene expression analysis by qPCR
  • Multiplexed gene expression analysis
Cytokine Readouts
  • Over 200 cytokines, chemokines and other growth factors are available for analysis in cell culture supernatants

Flow Cytometry FAQs


Can you perform multi-color flow analysis?

If so, how many colors?

Yes. We can perform flow cytometric analyses using a 16 color BD LSR-2 flow cytometer. We also utilize a 13 color BD CytoFlex.

flow cytomerty services

Can you analyze flow data for us?

Yes. In addition to performing the flow cytometry assays, we can also analyze the data for you using FlowJo software for studies utilizing small numbers of colors or Kaluza software for studies utilizing higher numbers of colors.  We can then work with you to provide the data in a format suitable to your needs. For very high parameter mass cytometry experiments, we typically perform SPADE analysis using the CytoBank platform.


What species can you perform flow cytometry on?

We can perform flow cytometry analyses on a wide variety of species. We routinely analyze cells from human, mouse, rat and NHP.


What is your flow cytometry throughput capability?

We can accommodate a wide range of flow cytometry study sizes, from single tubes to multiple 96-wells. Our multi-parametric capabilities allow for even very complex analyses to be condensed into a reasonably sized study. This is especially important with experiments utilizing primary cells, where the cell number is often limiting.