About Our Human Primary Cells

Our Scientists Are Primary Cell Experts

ReachBio Research Labs’ scientists use human primary cells every day in our contract services lab for high value projects for clients in the pharma and biotechnology industries. Their extensive experience in handling and using human primary cells is used in the production of our human cell products, resulting in high quality cells that you can rely on for your own important experiments. We use Cryostor CS5 serum-free cryopreservation medium to ensure high post-thaw viability and overfill each vial to ensure you always get at least the number of cells we advertise on the vial when they are thawed correctly.

Ethics and Safety

All our primary human cell materials are obtained within the USA after approved consent from healthy donors under IRB-approved protocols and all donors have been screened and found to be negative for a panel of infectious agents, including HIV, HBV and HCV. For further details, please see our Human Primary Cells Ethical Statement and our Pathogen Testing Information page.

Pre-Qualified Cells

Pre-Qualified Hematopoietic Progenitors

ReachBio Research Labs strives to take the variability and guesswork out of the use of primary hematopoietic progenitor cells by functionally pre-qualifying our progenitor-containing products (e.g. Bone Marrow and Cord Blood MNCs, CD34+ cells and CD133+ cells). Products marked  REACHBIO QUALIFIED™ have been pre-tested in functional Colony-Forming Cell (CFC) assays using our own ColonyGEL™ methylcellulose-based media. The CofA for vials of cells from all REACHBIO QUALFIED™ lots provides valuable functional information to the end user, including the frequency of the erythroid and myeloid progenitors and a recommended plating concentration for the CFC assays.

Custom Pre-Qualification Service

We can pre-qualify individual batches of a variety of primary human cell types to ensure their suitability, performance and reproducibility in various assay systems. Please CONTACT US if you require cells with particular specifications.

Customized Cell Preparations

ReachBio Research Labs can provide custom primary cell products and alternate formats not listed on this website. If you require special customization for your projects, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your unique requirements.

Types of customization we can do include:

  • Alternate formats or sizes
  • Multiple cell types from same donor
  • Special donor criteria (including age range, gender, ethnicity, HLA type, etc)
  • Repeat batches derived from a particular donor as a previous batch
  • Customized cell types
  • Special in vitro manipulation and/or expansion prior to vialing
  • Specific types of pre-qualification of the batch

Additionally, we can hold specific cell vials (e.g. from a particular donor or customized format) in our inventory just for you!

Please CONTACT US if you have any special requirements you would like us to help you with.