A Client Focused CRO

A recent article suggests that it takes, on average, 12 years for pharmaceutical inventions to get to market.  Where does a contract research organization like ReachBio fit into this timeline? Our chief scientists and lab personnel design experiments and execute research for the early stages of the twelve year process, typically during the discovery and pre-clinical phases. Universities, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies turn to our CRO services for experiment design, timely experiment execution, and quantifiable results. 

With expertise encompassing many aspects of primary cell biology and a special focus on hematopoietic (blood and bone marrow) primary cell systems, we work with customers and clients involved in basic research through multiple areas of pre-clinical and clinical drug development. We produce data that can be used in IND applications with the FDA. Our IND-enabling studies provide in-vitro assessments of the potential toxicological and preclinical safety properties of new compounds. By using primary cells in our assays, we’re able to provide clients with the most clinically relevant data, including high content readouts for numerous blood diseases and disorders.

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Our services, including the cellPrism® drug development platform, are extensive and include predictive and investigative toxicology, immuno-oncology, cytokine storm risk analysis, ADCC assay services, antibody testing, flow cytometry/ immune profiling, hemotoxicity testing and much more.

Insight into our client relationships

  • Our focus on client support included complete confidentiality, immediate access to project scientists, responsive and thorough communication and quick turn-around time of information and data. Additionally, our service contracts include assay selection and design, protocol design, study execution, data interpretation and full written report with follow-up consultation.
  • We value good, prompt and complete communication with all clients and make ourselves available through a variety of channels including telephone, email and webinars. We also make time for ‘face-to-face’ meetings and regularly schedule site visits throughout North America.
  • Although we offer specialized, customized assay services, we have worked with a large number of clients that include 140 different global organizations that range from small start-ups to big pharma corporations. Our breadth of work spans over 600 study contracts.
  • In addition to our own efforts to publish internal research, we really value working with our clients as ‘partners in research.’ In doing so, we have co-published scientific papers, abstracts, white papers and book chapters with numerous clients including Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb and NanoString Technologies.
  • ReachBio Research Labs’ Contract Assay Services are provided via a fee-for-service model in which the client owns all new intellectual property generated through the provision of our contracted work