ColonyGEL™ Methylcellulose-based Media for CFC Assays

Since our inception, we have used our ColonyGEL™ media for our contract services for such high value industrial applications as drug screening, hemotoxicity testing, cancer stem cell assays, cytokine mimetic identification, evaluation of expanded cell populations, monitoring mobilization kinetics, etc. We have made our high quality methylcellulose-based ColonyGEL™ media widely available to the broader research community. We guarantee that its performance will meet or exceed any media of its kind on the market! Optimized ColonyGEL™ formulations are available for a variety of species.



Features and Benefits of ColonyGEL™

  • Pre-screened and carefully selected components

  • Reproducible and reliable – used in ReachBio Research Lab’s own contract service labs for high value drug development applications

  • Great optical clarity

  • Manufactured in the USA in accordance with the highest standards

  • Meets or beats the performance of the current “gold standard” CFC assay media

  • Various optimized formulations available

    • with or without Epo

    • standard or enhanced cytokine content

    • species-specific formulations

    • base medium also available – allows addition of your own growth factors for unique applications

  • Suitable for identifying and enumerating:

    • CFU-E

    • BFU-E

    • CFU-G

    • CFU-M

    • CFU-GM

    • CFU-GEMM

    • Pre-B (mouse only)

ReachBio Research Labs Knows Colony Assays

ReachBio Research Labs has been performing hematopoietic progenitor/colony-forming cell (CFC) assays and other primary cell-based assays under contract for premier biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies since 2007. Our scientists have decades of prior experience performing CFC assays in clinical, industrial and academic settings. Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Emer Clarke, has trained countless individuals around the world on hematopoietic and mesenchymal CFC assays. She also designed and managed the first global proficiency testing program for standardizing hematopoietic CFC assays.