CRO Specialized in the CFC Assay



As a preclinical researcher, what if you could predict off-target hematotoxicity at the preclinical stage? 

With help from ReachBio’s contract services, you can. 

Our scientists have extensive knowledge in primary cell-based assays using blood and bone marrow. Colony Forming Cell or CFC assays can predict compound induced toxicities including neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and severe anemia. Drug candidates can be tested alone or in combination with other therapeutics. The CFC can also be utilized for looking at the efficacy of leukemic drugs. 

The CFC overcomes the predictive limitations of cell line assays and animal studies. The FDA has guided clients to use CFC data to evaluate the safety of their compounds, during the preclinical IND application process. These studies help clients eliminate bad players earlier in the drug development process. In turn, clients can conserve budget for top candidates in their pipeline. Contact us today to schedule a conference call to discuss your project.