CAR-T Cells

Cell therapies, including Engineered/CAR-T cells, have ushered in a new and potentially game changing era in cancer treatment. While blood cancers (e.g. AML, multiple myeloma, etc.) have dominated CAR-T pipelines, these therapies are also being targeted toward solid tumors.


Toxicity concerns present significant obstacles in fulfilling the therapeutic potential of CAR-T cells in the clinic. Two serious toxicity concerns with CAR-T therapies are hematopoietic toxicity and cytokine release syndrome. With decades of primary blood cell assay experience behind our cell biology experts, ReachBio is uniquely positioned to help address these issues. Our leading expertise in hematopoietic colony forming cell (CFC) assays and cytokine release assays can be adapted to CAR-T cells.


In addition to addressing hematotoxicity, we can perform CFC assays to assess the ability of CAR-T cells to kill blood cancer progenitor cells.


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Hematopoietic Toxicity | CFC Assay

Clonogenic (CFC) assays are useful for predicting off-target toxicity that impacts blood cell development (resulting in neutropenia, anemia or thrombocytopenia). Drug candidates and bone marrow cells are incubated in a semi-solid medium containing specific growth factors. Changes to the expected numbers of hematopoietic cell colonies (myeloid, erythroid and/or megakaryocytic) in the presence of test compounds are assessed by microscopy. Importantly, all assays are performed by highly experienced and accessible laboratory staff, with proven proficiency in colony identification

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Efficacy Against Blood Cancer Progenitor Cell Targets

CFC assays can also be used to assess the ability of a therapeutic to kill blood cancer progenitor cells. These can be run as stand-alone studies, or in conjunction with hematotoxicity assays to assist in determining a dose-dependent balance between cancer cell killing efficacy and toxicity toward normal cells, all at the progenitor cell level. For more information on our CFC assays using bone marrow cells from patients with AML, multiple myeloma, and other blood cancers.

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Cytokine Release Evaluation

We have extensive experience conducting cytokine release assays for clients across a broad range of therapeutics. Due to the highly customized nature of these assays, as with all of our services, it can be useful to arrange a call with our scientific staff to discuss specific needs. Access our recent white paper on the topic.

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Customized Studies

We are interested in assisting you with your unique studies and often work with clients on customized projects. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to see if our experience in hematopoietic cell-based assays, immuno-oncology, cell banking, co-culture, or other areas may be a fit for your programs.