Sep 27 2022

Celebrating a 15 Year Milestone

Thank you for being  a part of our company’s success over the years. Whether we’ve run a study for you, you’ve ordered cell products from us, or you’ve just followed ReachBio over the years, we’re grateful that you’ve been here. It’s been rewarding to witness and to be a part of the biopharma ecosystem that has evolved and taken shape over the decades in the PNW.

15 years-Scientist

For a decade and a half, ReachBio has provided contract research services to the most promising scientific communities around the world. Starting from humble beginnings, our founders started offering their cell biology expertise in 2007. Surviving the first few years operating through the Great Recession that started in 2008, we settled into our current lab location in 2012 within the Fremont neighborhood just north of downtown Seattle .

In 2013, ReachBio signed a distribution relationship with PeloBiotech (Germany) to provide an entrance for our primary cell products into the European market. 2014, our company saw a logo refresh and website overhaul, and in 2017 we introduced the cellPrism® services platform. In 2020, while many labs were temporarily closed, we were fortunate to be able to safely work through the pandemic. In 2022, we expanded our lab space, doubling its footprint to accommodate the growing workload. Throughout those 15 years, we published abstracts, scientific posters, and took the opportunity to meet collaborators at various conferences.

New and revamped features in the recent years

HbF induction assay

Cytokine secretion and t cell activation

ADC toxicity and linker stability assays

Partnering with abc biopply

Fast forward to now -  We celebrate all the ways in which we've evolved since 2007 — but don't worry, ReachBio will continue to be a place that strives to be more than just a CRO. ReachBio will keep aiming to be the best primary cell biology research partner so that our clients around the globe can continue to swiftly expand their capabilities.

Last month the team took a day away from the lab to cruise around Lake Washington to soak in the sun, gain a new perspective, and reflect on where we started and focus on where we are heading.

We have realized that success never comes in a day. It comes with determination, hard work, and a bit of luck. We recognize that your support and trust have been a driving force toward our continued growth.

You can support the ReachBio community by following ReachBio on LinkedIn, or scheduling a 15-minute chat with ReachBio’s Co-Founder and CSO to see how your program could benefit from working with The Cell Biology Experts™ at ReachBio. We are looking forward to what the next 15 years has in store!