Antibody-Based Biologics

Antibody-based drugs are a very successful class of biotherapeutics. The field is continuously being propelled forward by the identification of new potential disease-associated targets as well as new technologies for antibody engineering. In addition to genetically engineered monoclonal antibodies (human, humanized or chimeric), antibody-based therapeutics now include bi-specific antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates.

Our assay services include:
  • Evaluation of antibody/bi-specific antibodies binding to primary cell targets
  • Evaluation of the ability of new immunotherapies to recruit T cells and kill cancer cells
  • Evaluation of hematotoxicity (thrombocytopenia, neutropenia and anemia) in response to antibodies
  • Comparison of antibody effects on normal bone marrow and NHP bone marrow
  • Evaluation of antibody/bi-specific antibodies on primary cancer stem cells (leukemic)
  • Evaluation of antibody/bi-specific antibodies to induce a cytokine storm

Due to the large size of these molecules, we’ve developed a new two-phase culture system, whereby the cells are incubated with the biologics in a liquid medium (to facilitate binding), prior to transfer to the semi-solid matrix. We have helped many clients evaluate their antibody-based therapeutic candidates for both functionality and potential toxicity.

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