ReachBio Research Labs scientists have extensive knowledge in cell biology and the application of cell-based assays to the benefit of clients in the drug development industry. In particular, we focus on primary cell systems to provide more predictable and clinically relevant results for our clients.

Our expertise is broad and includes:

Predictive and Investigative Toxicology
Developmental Hematology
Hematopoietic Stem Cell and Progenitor Cell Biology
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biology
Cancer (Leukemic) Stem Cell Assays
Antibody Testing
Cytokine Storm Analysis
Target Validation
Biotherapeutics Development Support
Molecular Biology
Primary Cell Biology
Flow Cytometry
Cell Bank Development
Biomarker Selection
Analysis of Transplantation Engraftment Kinetics
Cell Isolation and Processing
Custom Cell Biology Assay Development

We provide ‘hands on’ support with all of our clients offering customized ‘solution’ based services. We adopt this approach with each client and have been successfully working with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial life science organizations worldwide since our formation in 2007.

Please CONTACT US to learn more about how we can address your needs.