ReachBio Research Labs is a life sciences company based in Seattle, WA. Since being founded in 2007, we have provided a range of cell biology custom research services to a wide variety of clients ranging from virtual biotech companies to large international pharmaceutical companies. We have gained a reputation for customer service, responsiveness and scientific excellence. We strive to be much more than a just a CRO – we aim to be your primary cell biology research partner.


Our mission is to help our clients expand their organizations’ capabilities by efficiently harnessing our extensive knowledge and expertise in clinical and industrial primary cell and stem cell biology for their own benefit. Our services are provided promptly, efficiently and with the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.


Our focus is on the clinical, industrial and research uses of primary cell biology – in particular the use of stem cell and progenitor cell assays and model systems for high value applications such as drug screening and drug discovery. We are experts at performing well-characterized, biologically relevant, high-content in vitro and in vivo functional assays and interpreting their results. Whenever possible, we avoid the use of artificial model systems utilizing long-term cell lines as well as low content assays with simplistic readouts such as proliferation and cell death. Instead, our in vitro assays use minimally manipulated primary cells (bone marrow, cord blood, mobilized blood, stromal/mesenchymal cells, etc.) from humans and other species in order to obtain multiparametric, high content data with maximum biological relevance.


ReachBio Research Lab’s contract assay services and contract research services are provided via a fee-for-service model in which the client owns all new intellectual property generated through the provision of our contracted work.


Our contract assay services focus primarily on applying biologically relevant in vivo and in vitro primary cell assays (e.g. stem cell, progenitor cell and fully differentiated mature cells) for assessment of drug candidates and other agents.

Typical Applications and Services include:
Predictive and Investigative Toxicology
Cancer Immunoassay Development
Biotherapeutics Development Support
Flow Cytometry/Immune Profiling
Biomarker Selection
Cell Bank Development
Analysis and Prediction of Cytokine Storm Risk
Molecular Biology, Genomics and Immunology Assays
Efficacy of Cancer Stem Cell Targeting Agents
Efficacy Assessment of Stem Cell Mobilizing Agents
Cytokine & Mimetic Detection
Assessment of Client’s Transgenic and Other Models
Analysis of Bone Marrow Microenvironment
Analysis of Samples in Support of Clinical Trials
Differential Effects of candidate drugs on leukemic progenitors vs normal progenitors
Analysis of Transplantation Engraftment Kinetics
Assay Design and Development
Custom Cell Biology Services


Additionally, our expertise in bone marrow assays utilize specialized colony forming cell (CFC) assays below for assessment and prediction of compound induced bone marrow toxicity (hemotoxicity, lymphotoxicity/immunotoxicity, myelotoxicity/myelosuppression, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia)

Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assays
  • CFU-GM (myeloid progenitors)
  • BFU-E (erythroid progenitors))
  • CFU-MK (megakaryocytic progenitors)
  • CFU-F (stromal progenitors)

We tap into our deep expertise in stem cell, progenitor cell and  primary cell biology to provide high quality products for life science research.

Our main product lines include:
Human Primary Cells from Hematopoietic Tissues such as Peripheral Blood, Cord Blood and Bone Marrow
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Progenitors
  • Purified Lymphocyte Populations
  • Mononuclear Cells
  • Custom Purified Cell Populations
ColonyGEL™ Methylcellulose-Based Media for Colony-Forming Cell Assays of Progenitors from a Variety of Species
  • Human
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Canine
  • NHP